About Nick

It strikes me that the greatest opportunity these days is to make sure that time spent at work is meaningful and worthy of our greatest effort.  Businesses, I believe, are ideally positioned to provide context for the growth of our human population.   I am passionate that great cultures are not accidental and that directed effort can create awesomely inspiring environments that contribute meaningfully to a better world!

A great culture can multiply a company’s brand because people are the difference.  Great people amplify the brand because they live it and love it!  As a marketing executive with 25 years experience in the technology industry where brands like Apple and Microsoft dominate the landscape I have come to see first hand the relationship between brand and culture.  But the really exciting thing is that behind the culture of any company are the values and beliefs of its leaders.  Changing the brand or the culture is all about having a willingness to examine those fundamental underpinnings which create success!

My mission is the help leaders create and sustain coherent, Values-based Cultures and Brands!  As a former Senior Vice President responsible for Marketing and Senior Vice President responsible for People at Softchoice, one of North America’s Best Workplaces 7 years running and one of Canada’s Most Admired Cultures I am uniquely skilled in building this linkage.

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